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Dwarka Sector 1A, New Delhi 110045
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Yashashvi in Day Care

Physical Developments:

Very good development as per his age.
Good development of gross and fine motor skills.
Can walk play & run independently & confidently.
Loves to play with tricycle.
Loves to play with ball.

Cognitive Developments:

Good development of language and communication skills.

Social Developments:

Has formed association with all staffs and kids over here.
Participates in group activities.
Has made friends.
Loves to play with all children.
Very interactive.
Fond of talking.
Quiet expressive.

Behaviour & Personality Traits:

Warmth - Warm, kindly, participating.

Reasoning - Appears to be a fast learner.

Emotional Stability - Somewhat emotionally stable & mature.

Dominance - Submissive, humble, cooperative, somewhat assertive also.

Liveliness - Spontaneous, expressive, happy go lucky.

Rule consciousness- Appears to be conforming & rule conscious.

Social Boldness - Uninhibited.

Sensitivity - Sensitive, Sentimental.

Vigilance - Somewhat accepting and trusting.

Abstractedness - not sure

Privateness - Appear to be open, genuine, and unpretentious.

Apprehension - Somewhat confident & self-satisfied.

Openness to change - Open to change, flexible.

Self-Reliance - Somewhat group oriented, affiliative.

Perfectionism - not sure

Tension - Appears to be somewhat relaxed & patient.